Sweet Potato Po’Boy with Peppercorn Coleslaw

This recipe blew me away while I was testing for Hearty Vegan. Matthew isn’t a fan of sweet potatoes, so when he was away recently and I had some time to spend cooking just for myself, I knew what I’d be making.

If you make all the components (and you definitely should), this is a bit time consuming, but you can stagger the stages so it isn’t all last minute. You’ll bake, then bread and fry the sweet potatoes and serve them a fennel marmalade, aoli and the sweet peppercorn coleslaw. The sweet potato breading and the aoli both contain Old Bay, which is one of my favourite things, and the sticky sweet fennel goes so well the black pepper in the coleslaw.

There are lots of recipes I absolutely adore in Hearty Vegan so for one to emerge as my favourite it has to be very special. And believe me, this is.