Food Network Monthly Cookalong – Seitan Bacon French Toast Sandwich

A slight hangover left me craving fried food. I bought a couple of packets of The Vegg ages ago and hadn’t used them, but rather than plain French Toast I decided to turn them into a sandwich as I had Kelly’s cookalong on my mind. I took some seitan breakfast strips from American Vegan Kitchen out of the freezer and fried them, before making the French Toast recipe from the Vegg website, liberally applying tomato ketchup and making a sandwich. Not easy to eat, a bit greasy, but certainly a perfect hangover cure!

I have read lots of glowing reviews of The Vegg, and the blended mixture definitely smelt eggy, but I wasn’t hugely impressed with the French Toast – I prefer the version in Vegan with a Vengeance, to be honest. I will certainly try it again in another recipe though.

Food Network Monthly Cookalong – Sloppy Jose with Chorizo, Charred Poblanos and Avocado Crema

I’ve been looking forward to making something for this months cookalong theme of sandwiches. The problem though, was that my copy of Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day arrived this month, and there are so many fantastic sandwich recipes in it that I found it difficult to try something else and not just repeat all the tests I made for this book. (If you’re in Europe report back because I’ll be holding a giveaway for a copy soon).

I’d never heard of Sandwich King because we don’t get it here; in fact, we haven’t even had that series of Next Food Network Star yet, but I don’t think the winner will come as much of a surprise when we do :). I decided I’d make one of his dishes, and I’d recently bought a different chorizo to try so it was quite an easy decision.

The recipe was very easy to veganise using the store bought chorizo. I used some Tesco white melty cheese for the dairy cheese but couldn’t really taste it so I don’t think I’d bother with that again. I used Tofutti sour cream, so it was all very quick to make after work. The chorizo was OK in this recipe but I wouldn’t buy it again; it was a bit dry and I prefer to make the version in Viva Vegan. The lime in the avocado crema was a touch overpowering but that can often happen when you don’t specify a quantity of lime juice as they can produce astonishingly different amounts of juice. We can’t get poblanos here so I did what I usually do and used green peppers and some jalapeno.

This was overall a very tasty and easy to make sandwich which we enjoyed, but I think we’ve been spoilt by the sandwiches I made from Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day, which were a lot better!