Macaroni cheese

I’ve eaten plenty of vegan macaroni cheese in my time, I can tell you. It’s probably Matthew’s most requested meal – and even though he eats dairy products he is more than happy to eat a vegan version as long as it is creamy, rich and tasty. Until now, my favourite recipe was the VegNews version, albeit tweaked a touch to my tastes to include nutritional yeast, tahini and miso. However, I’ve found a new favourite. The mac ‘n’ cheesie casserole by Kittee Berns is included in Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life and is so delicious that it’s gone straight to the top of my list. It’s fabulously smoky and rich, and with a drizzle¬† of truffle oil over the top, is a creamy, gorgeous bowl of comfort. Depending on the pasta you use, it’s even gluten free. I served it here with some greens which I steamed then flash fried in olive oil and a touch of smoked salt. Highly recommended.