Baked tempeh with creole sauce and sweetcorn relish

There are certain ingredients that my husband refuses to eat under any circumstances. No amount of disguises or careful spicing will help or get him to eat sweetcorn (or parsnips, or sprouts). So when he’s away I try and get my fill of those ingredients because I can’t cook with them otherwise.

I’d had this recipe bookmarked from Voluptuous Vegan for ages but didn’t have the right combination of both time alone and plenty of time to cook. This wasn’t a difficult dish to make but it had a few stages – making chile paste, marinading tempeh, making the sauce, the relish and the parsley lemon rice. It was a nice project for a Sunday alone and was well worth the results.

The sweet relish was a perfect foil to the spicy rich baked tempeh. Half of the corn is pureed which thickens it up wonderfully without any flour or cornstarch. The sauce for the tempeh is spicy with homemade chile paste, herbs and spices and would be a great vehicle for anyone who is unsure about tempeh.

I loved this dish and it’ll definitely be on the list for next time I’m left to my own devices.


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