Vine and Dine – Cassoulette



I need to learn not to be too organised. I got ahead of myself and made this so long ago that neither of us can really remember much about the food or wine. Or, we could get properly organised and make notes at the time and not rely on our ageing memories. Shall we try that next time? I also tried to use a new bit of technology to blog with and clicked the wrong button so my first attempt to write this up got lost. This isn’t my finest blogging hour.


I do know that this tasted fabulous. As usual with her recipes, Bryanna gives plenty of options so it’s very flexible. I used a combination of homemade seitan and smoked Vegusto Luncheon Roll for the meat, and a mix of portobello and chestnut for the mushrooms.


Cassoulette is a lovely comforting dish, chock full of beans and vegetables in a herby red wine sauce. This was a great dish to make ahead because it needs at least an hour in the oven, so you can prepare everything in advance and just sit back with a glass of wine when you’re ready to eat. I threw some garlic bread in the oven so that we could mop up the juices.


And talking of wine, we had a fabulous bottle of French red which went superbly well with the meal. We can’t find any trace of it so it must have been recycled by mistake. We’ll certainly make this again so I’ll try and report back with proper info next time, and sorry for the stupidity.



4 thoughts on “Vine and Dine – Cassoulette

  1. I made a cassoulette the other week and it was lovely, didn’t have any wine with it though sadly!

    Is the Vegusto stuff worth the price? It just seems a bit spendy to me and I hum and haw about whether to get a starter kit and if so which one etc etc. Does it keep well? The £30 plus kits have so much in them it’d take a while for us to get through it all!

  2. Too funny! That happens to me all the time, too. Making notes is the way to go 🙂 …and we’ve recycled the bottle before, as well. In fact, I think it was this time that we had to go digging through the bins!

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