VeganMoFo – Black Salt (Kala Namak)

I only started cooking with black salt when I became vegan, but I didn’t realise I’d been eating it for years. Many vegans turn to it for its sulphuric, “eggy” flavour. It’s fabulous in tofu omelettes and scrambles which are good without it but are taken to a different level once you add the black salt. However, what many vegans don’t realise is how good it is in a spice blend called “chaat masala“. I have to admit that I buy chaat masala ready made from an Indian shop near me, but I do have all the ingredients in my kitchen to blend my own, so that’s just laziness on my part. My favourite way to use chaat masala is alongside lemon juice on fried Indian snacks like bhajis, pakoras, or my favourite cauliflower 65.

Just be careful about who else is in the kitchen when you open your black salt; it tastes wonderful but smells like you’ve got a bad stomach problem…..


8 thoughts on “VeganMoFo – Black Salt (Kala Namak)

  1. I just discovered black salt myself. My spice man actually tried to talk me out of buying it. But, I made a tofu scramble, and it turned out perfectly thanks to the stinky salt.

  2. I ordered a lemonde in India that had black salt in it. I mean I love this ingredient as much as the next tofu scramble loving vegan, but it does not belong in lemonade.

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