VeganMoFo – sesame

Oh how I love sesame. However it comes, whether seeds, oil or tahini, it’s going to find a friendly home in my belly. I love toasting the little seeds until they start to jump around the kitchen then sprinkling on noodles or fried vegetables. One of my favourite dishes to use sesame seeds is very simple – the sesame green beans from Yellow Rose Recipes.

They transform humble green beans to something spectacular.

Tahini is often reserved only for hummus but that’s a big mistake. It adds a deep rich flavour to many creamy sauces. I always add it to the VegNews macaroni cheese sauce, not that it needs extra richness (though I do cut down the margarine they use) but just an extra tang.

Sesame oil shouldn’t really be used to cook much as it burns very easily but it is best added later on to dishes for a rich nutty flavour. It’s also great mixed with soy sauce and chilli for a dipping sauce for spring rolls.

One quick easy dish I love which contains all 3 of the above types of sesame is this recipe by Robin Robertson for Ginger Sesame Noodles with Broccoli

They’re also a rich nutritional powerhouse, so given how tasty they are too, shouldn’t you be eating more sesame?



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