Black eyed bean masala and beetroot thoran

I’d had my eye on the FatFree Vegan Black-eyed pea masala for a while – with a photo like that, how could anyone resist? I set it off to cook, along with some brown pilau rice (it looks like plain brown rice in the picture but I can assure you it isn’t – I use a Jamie Oliver version from a Sainsbury’s magazine from years ago). I knew I wanted a vegetable dish to serve alongside it but I didn’t have much in. Then I remembered the beautiful organic beetroots I’d bought for some tester chocolate muffins for Carla (yes, you read that right, beetroot in muffins, delicious!), and I decided to make some beetroot thoran. I’ve blogged about thoran before, so you can probably figure out what to do but here’s a rough idea.

Peel and grate one medium beetroot per person. Heat some oil and add chopped chillies, and mustard seeds, until the seeds start to pop. Then add the grated beetroot, some grated coconut (I use frozen), and a handful of curry leaves. Stir well and put a lid on for a few minutes. keep checking and stirring until the beetroot is soft – about 8 minutes. Serve!

The black eye bean masala was also very tasty, and altogether it made a great meal!


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