Seitan with tarragon mustard sauce

This is another Urban Vegan winner. I can’t usually find fresh tarragon so when I stumbled across some I didn’t have anything special in mind for it, but as soon as I saw this recipe I knew where it was going. I made the seitan steaks the day before, so it was really quick and easy to put together on a Friday night yet felt like a special dinner which I’d slaved over for hours. This would make a great Valentine’s dinner for anyone trying to plan for the weekend. Simple spinach and oven roasted potatoes rounded out the meal.


2 thoughts on “Seitan with tarragon mustard sauce

  1. I see Urban Vegan mentioned a lot and everything from it looks so good. But I shouldn’t really be buying any more recipe books… Such a quandary! This looks very tasty and is making my mouth water…

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