Red pepper and rocket pesto cannelloni

Yum yum. This was one of the nicest things I’ve made for ages. I’ve wanted to try making more fresh pasta for a while now, and as this was the last weekend before the football season kicked in again I decided there was no time like the present.

I chose this recipe to try even though I thought the pasta recipe looked slightly strange with the wholewheat flour in it. But I trusted in it and I ended up rewarded with the least precious pasta I’ve ever worked with. At no point did it fall apart, stick or rip, even when I took it out of the boiling water and it looked like one clump, but the pieces separated really easily. I can’t praise it highly enough. (I did need to add a touch more water to the dough).

I made the rocket pesto and the red pepper sauce in advance earlier in the day, so when it came to make the pasta dough and stuffing it it didn’t take too long and I didn’t get stressed about having too much to do. In fact, if you are having people to dinner you could assemble it all in advance and just bake it when your guests arrive.

We both really loved this. The slightly spicy sharp pesto, the sweet pepper sauce, the texture of the tofu and of course that lovely silky fresh pasta. I will definitely make this again, and also make the pasta again and try some variations to the stuffing and sauce too.


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