Cornbread waffles with pantry mole rojo and seitan

This is another brunch tester recipe. I bought my waffle maker a while ago off Ebay. I’d only used it once and then it seemed not to work so I stashed it at the back of my cupboard. I don’t even know why I bought it as I know I’m not a lover of sweet things at any time and certainly not in the morning. Anyway, as soon as I saw this savoury version of a waffle I took it out again with great hope to see if there was any chance I could make this recipe. It worked!!

I made the mole sauce the day before so I only needed to reheat it. The waffles are served with the sauce, and some fried yellow peppers and seitan – I topped it with a sliced avocado.

A totally scrummy brunch dish which certainly kept me filled up until the evening. And I reheated leftover waffles in the toaster the next day and served them with fresh strawberry sauce. Delicious.


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