A trip to Florence

I haven’t been blogging much recently becasue I spent some of last week visiting Florence. Everton were playing there on Thursday night so I went for 3 nights. I was very worried about vegan food but I really didn’t need to. There are some veggie places in Florence but I was with non-veggies so I thought I’d see how I coped.

I didn’t get photos of much but the picture is my starter in a lovely little Italian restaurant. I explained what I don’t eat and the waiter suggester these bruschetta to start with, follow by rigatoni with aubergine sauce. I also ate vegetable and porcini pizza (without cheese), spaghetti with tomato, garlic and parsley, and ribollita, a typical Tuscan stew made with bread and beans. I was really impressed by the simple good quality ingredients. If I chopped tomatoes here and put them in with some spaghetti it would seem like I’d lost the plot. But good ingredients made it taste like something sent from heaven.

We spent quite a lot of time wandering round the food market. I’m not squeamish about seeing dead animals or fish and it was just as well as there was all manner of unusual stuff there. But the veg stalls astonished me with their abundance of fresh and wonderful ingredients. And don’t get me started on the mushrooms…

Back down to earth with a bang…


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