Away v. Chelsea

I only got back from Nuremberg on Saturday night so it seemed like madness to be heading off to Chelsea on Sunday morning. Still, I was there in good time so had chance to nip to 222 vegan restaurant, which is about 20 minutes walk from the ground. I’ve only been before the football so I’ve only tried the buffet. It’s great value for a good quality but healthy and satisfying lunch. The buffet costs £5.95, and there is a pudding list too but I always prefer savoury food, so if I’m at a buffet first I’m never going to make it as far as a dessert.

No photos I’m afraid, but I enjoyed what I had. I think there were 5 cold items and 5 hot. The cold were: a pasta salad with an oriental flavour, curried rice and cashew salad, coleslaw, mixed greens, and a mixed bean and avocado salad.  The hot dishes were rice, herbed potatoes, chickpea curry, stir fried veg and carrot flan. It all sounds very worthy and wholefood like, and there’s no denying it was very healthy, but it was very well cooked and tasty.

Result – Chelsea 1 – Everton 1 Man of the Match – Steven Pienaar
Verdict – lucky 222


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