Away v. FC Nuremberg

I’d never set foot in Germany before. Nuremberg is not somewhere I’d have particularly chosen to visit, only because I didn’t know anything about the place. We had a brilliant time. Our taxi driver told us that there were 3 things we had to try during our stay – Bavarian beer, local gingerbread, and Wurst. I reckoned I’d be safe on the beer but thought there’d be no way I could try the others. Wrong! I stumbled into a vegetarian shop full of top quality vegetarian products with loads of samples. I was restricted with what I could carry but I brought back vegan gingerbread, wurst, cantucci biscuits, cheese and some other stuff. This is the website . I notice that they ship worldwide but I haven’t looked into costs etc.

There are  vegetarian places to eat there, and I could certainly have coped well with Chinese and Indian food. My friends naturally though wanted to try the local food. I enjoyed the falafels and I ate some good potato cakes and sauerkraut. I didn’t get many pictures but here’s something I ate at Frankfurt airport


Anyway, Nuremberg was much nicer than I expected, I ate really well, and certainly drank far more than my share of German beer. Match was great too – and I met some of the players when we landed at the airport!

Result: Nuremberg 0 – Everton 2 Man of the Match –  Victor Anichebe
Verdict – Lucky German beer, salad and crisps!


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