I’d been eying up the Saltimbocca from Urban Vegan since I got the book. I’m not in any way snobbish about simple meals or using products like Redwood’s ham, but I was curious about how good this really simple looking dish could be. It’s pretty much only seitan, bought ham and bought cheese with a bit of garlic and herbs. Aha – sometimes the simple things can be the best. This dish was excellent and tasted like it had taken far longer than it did – so it was a perfect Friday evening meal. The saltiness of the ham and the sage work together beautifully. I served it with some rosemary roasted potatoes and brocolli with chilli flakes and a few capers. A very easy but gourmet tasting meal which I’ll certainly be having again!

(That glorious melty cheese you see there is Redwood’s Melty Mozzarella, in case you’re wondering.)


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