Post pub Friday

Friday nights we usually meet in the pub after work. Therefore, evening meals on a Friday usually fall into categories of being quick, easy, tasty, and none too healthy. Smoked mushrooms and potato wedges regularly fit the Friday bill.

I bought my food smoker about a year ago, on the advice of random_kitty, someone I’ve never met who posts on the BBC Food message boards. My smoker is a Cameron’s brand, and I love it very much. I usually use it for smoking my own tofu, but it also works well with chillis, potatoes, aubergines – and especially these mushrooms.

Smoked mushroms

I smoked the mushrooms for about 10 minutes using hickory woodchips.

Then I slightly adapted the Moroccan Marinade from “Millennium” cookbook. Basically, I blended together the following ingredients:
Tomato puree
Lemon juice
Fennel seeds
Chilli flakes
Balsamic vinegar

I brushed the mushrooms with the marinade and baked in the oven for about 10 minutes until the mushrooms were cooked through. I served 2 per person on ciabatta bread with potato wedges and some salad.

A great success!


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