Top Quick Tuesday – Black Bean, Olive and Courgette Tacos

Another quick and easy Tuesday night dinner, but this time taken from Appetite for Reduction. I had a couple of courgettes that needed using up along with half a pot of yoghurt that was threatening to walk out of the fridge. I knew I’d seen a taco recipe somewhere that had a lemon yoghurt sauce with it, and then remembered this dish because I tested it for the book ages ago. I don’t know why but if I think of tacos I think of a dish that takes ages, making all sorts of side dishes, long simmered beans and sauces, but in fact that’s not the case at all. This dish came together remarkably quickly so it fitted nicely into the Top Quick Tuesday category. The olives are a bit unexpected with the rest of the flavours but with the yoghurt I really liked them.

I happened to have a packet of Cool Chile corn tortillas in for this, but I must admit to a secret love for those crunchy taco shells you can buy. They seem to be universally frowned on in food circles but I like them a lot and am going to try this filling in those next time. I’m not gluten free but weirdly enough the crunchy taco shells you can buy here in normal supermarkets are free of gluten but the corn tortillas in the same range aren’t!.

Top Quick Tuesday – Spinach and Mushroom Pasta

I take a circuit class after work on Tuesdays so our evening meal is usually a quick affair based on what is hanging around the fridge and is something I can get onto the plate as quickly as possible. I thought I’d start an occasional series of top quick ideas to hopefully give others who are crunched for time some ideas for speedy meals.

I came home to a pot of mushrooms, one leek, half a bag of spinach and an almost brown bag of basil. This immediately screamed pasta to me so I got the water on to boil while I decided what to do with the rest of it. I fried the leek and mushrooms in olive oil with a bit of garlic. Then I blitzed the spinach and basil in the food processor and added a splash of water and olive oil to make a sort of pesto sauce. I threw a chopped italian sausage into the leeks and mushrooms, just because it was hanging around the fridge, but you could probably manage without it. I drained the pasta, tossed the pesto and leek and mushroom mix into it, and finally stirred in some grated Tofutti cheese which also needed using.

This meal was on my table in the time it took to cook the pasta, and was filling, hearty and delicious. A Top Quick Tuesday indeed.