Vegan Holidays

This blog is mostly an area where I talk about what I cook. I don’t enjoy doing restaurant reviews or writing about my holidays or short breaks and there are plenty of other people who do that much better than I ever could. However, that doesn’t mean that I spend all my time cooking and never leave the house – I think I’ve been to 37 countries and eaten at about 168 vegetarian/vegan restaurants before I even think about all the food I’ve managed to eat in non vegan places.

Over Christmas I visited Cambodia and Laos and revisited Thailand and fell in love with the area – not only for the food by any means, but it certainly played a huge part. I’ll be doing some short restaurant reviews and updates on Happy Cow but if you want to know any more details please contact me directly. Huge thanks to Jess, Janessa and especially Kip for taking time to send me recommendations and must visit places. I was on a group tour for some of the trip so sometimes I had the opportunity to wander and discover, and sometimes I was making the best of it at a group meal or included lunch – they sometimes unexpectedly ended up being some of the best food I ate.

I intend to do some recreation of meals I loved sooner rather than later, and I might give some meals or events their own blog post later on, especially the cooking classes, but for now I thought I’d just post some photos of just some the amazing food I ate while I was away. I had memory card and battery issues while away, but as usual I’m never blogging for the quality of my pictures. It’s all about the memories!

First meal of the holiday – Chiang Rai. Choose 3 dishes from a buffet for a tiny amount of money. Very spicy. The red one is some kind of mock pork and there’s bitter melon and bamboo lurking there somewhere.

Breakfast noodle soup at a vegan market stall in a Bangkok park. Pointed at what the lady in front of me had.

A very rare for me (but delicious) coffee cake at UR Station in Bangkok

Sutunthip in Bangkok – one of my favourite places of the trip. Absolutely heaving with local people all evening. The Thai sausages at the front were the highlight.

This may look like a cold takeaway masala dosa but when you’ve been up since 4am to watch the sun rise over Angkor Wat, and everyone else is eating stale hotel cake for breakfast, it’s the best meal ever.

Pomelo salad – Khun Churn Bangkok

Fried tofu stuffed with lemongrass and pumpkin, caramelised onion with green peppercorns. Chamkar, Siem Reap.

Wonderful spicy breakfast in Bangkok.

Cooked by my own fair hands at the Peace Café vegetarian cooking class in Siem Reap. The Amok at the front was the definite highlight.

Deep fried tofu with basil, chilli and lemongrass

All vegan, eat as much as you can fit on one plate for 1 dollar, Luang Prabang night market.

VERY spicy noodle soup, Makphet, Vientiane.

One of the very many versions of larb we enjoyed – this one with with minced ‘meat’

More cake at UR Station

Results of the amazing cooking class at Tamarind, Luang Prabang. The highlight was the stuffed and deep fried lemongrass, barely pictured at the back.

BBQ ‘chicken’, Reunion Café Vientiane. I would travel across the world to eat this again.

One of the meals on our 2 days boat trip along the Mekong. Yuba salad and stuffed courgettes.

More Chiang Rai absurdly cheap buffet meal.

Mushrooms stuffed in bacon, Bangkok.

Starter platter in Luang Prabang including my favourite Mekong sesame seaweed.

This is only a fraction of what we ate while we were away and I have another host of pictures of food in its raw state from shops and market stalls that I might get round to posting one day too. Keep tuned to see me try and recreate some of it at home.


2 thoughts on “Vegan Holidays

  1. I ordered the chicken at Reunion Cafe last night thanks to your recommendation and wowza, it’s amazing!! It reminds me of the chicken my parents made on the BBQ in summer when I was a kid. Totally going to eat it again tonight!

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