Savoury grits with sauteed broad beans, roasted fennel and thyme

Ever since I made the delicious aubergine, red onion and tomato sandwich from Inspired Vegan I’ve intended to try more from it. Inspiration struck at the weekend because the broad bean hater was away for the day and I bought myself some with no particular plan in mind. My cookbooks don’t typically feature them – I think they’re more of an English vegetable then a typically US one, and I get very confused by the use of fresh, tinned and frozen lima or fava beans compared to our broad beans and butter beans. Anyway, I found a recipe in Inspired Vegan which also called for grits, another ingredient that I appreciate more than my husband does, so the deal was sealed.

I double podded the beans while sitting in front of the telly (an old episode of Knot’s Landing, if you really want to judge) because I actually enjoy doing it and love the vibrant green colour that you only get from a double pod, but that isn’t strictly necessary.

The grits (I used white because that’s what I had, but yellow are recommended in the book and would look prettier) are made with a cashew cream, the fennel is slow roasted and the beans are finished with fresh thyme. It’s a subtle, simple dish and I absolutely loved it. Not pictured, but alongside it I made the suggested salad with toasted garlic chips, though I altered the greens, and it was another beautiful recipe that’s all the better for its simplicity. I look forward to trying more from this book.


1 thought on “Savoury grits with sauteed broad beans, roasted fennel and thyme

  1. I also get confused by the whole lima bean thing in US cookbooks!
    This isn’t a book I’ve heard much about, but sounds like you are enjoying what you have made so far.

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