It’s a Goodlife


When the people from Goodlife asked if I’d like to review some of their products, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I had heard of the company but struggled to find many of their products near to me, so it seemed like an excellent way to finally try some.

All of their products are vegan (and vegan society approved), and some of them are gluten free. They’re all made with vegetables and they don’t try to imitate meat so I think they’re all soya free. I love gluten, and soya, and imitation meats, but I know plenty of people don’t or have allergies so these products would be useful for them too.

I’ve only tried one thing so far but I wanted to do the reviews individually rather than wait until I’ve tried them all as that might take a while. The first thing I tried was the Spicy Lentil and Vegetable Wedge (not gluten free). I had it for lunch with a few chips but you could have it as a starter like you might have a samosa, or as part of an Indian meal, or as per the box suggestion you could let it go cold and pack it for lunch with salad. I would actually have one for breakfast with a chapatti, but that’s not for everyone!

The first thing to mention is that I have every single ingredient in these wedges in my kitchen cupboards or freezer and use them all regularly. At a time when people are (finally) becoming more concerned about the contents of their food, I didn’t have to look up any of the ingredients – anyone would have heard of them. Lots of them are spices.

I really enjoyed this lunch. The wedges looked on the box like they might be a bit dry but that wasn’t the case at all. They were lovely and moist with a nice light level of spice and a good coating which is flecked with nigella seeds. If the wedges were available near me I would definitely buy them to keep in the freezer for a quick lunch or meal. I’m looking forward to trying the rest!




2 thoughts on “It’s a Goodlife

  1. I have these in my freezer, as we speak. I concur…They’re really nommy! I usually have them with chips and salad too, or have had one in a bap. I buy them in Tesco’s usually.

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