Open faced aubergine, red onion and tomato sandwich with celeriac sauce




I’ve had Bryant Terry’s book The Inspired Vegan since it came out but I haven’t made anything from it yet. I’ve enjoyed reading it and planning meals, but this was the first meal I put together. Along with the lengthily titled sandwich there are blackened potatoes with tomato plum ketchup. There are a few stages to the meal, but I made the ketchup and the potato spice blend earlier in the day so it came together quite easily later.
I don’t use celeriac very often but this sauce was absolutely delicious, and worked so beautifully with the grilled vegetables, even with my sub par out of season tomatoes. Even the bread is grilled, so the whole sandwich has great textures and a wonderful smoky flavour, even cooked on my indoor electric grill.

This meal was a fantastic introduction to the book and I cant wait to explore it further. Any recommendations?


4 thoughts on “Open faced aubergine, red onion and tomato sandwich with celeriac sauce

  1. Oooh that does look good. I love celeriac but don’t use it nearly enough.
    I haven’t got the book unfortunately but I did try a recipe I find online which was great- it was a tomatoey, tempeh + plantain dish..

  2. They look beautiful. Small bites are the trickiest to master, I think. His book is so philosophical – I feel like I can’t just pick it up and use it, unless my produce is coming straight from the ground and is uber-real!

  3. Oh that looks delicious … I’ve never used celeriac … I’ve got to find it and give it a try. I love your site and can’t wait to browse more recipes. 🙂

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