Korean Dinner

After a long day sale shopping just after Christmas we ended up at Koreana in Manchester and had a fantastic meal. I enjoyed it so much I was inspired to cook a Korean meal for our New Year’s Eve dinner. I have cooked Korean food before but I’ve branched out since then, made my own kimchi, and got Vegan Eats World, which contains a number of exciting looking Korean recipes.
The picture above is of the kimchi pancakes, which were my favourite part of the meal. We had them in Koreana and I didn’t think I’d be able to reproduce them as I’m traditionally pretty rubbish with pancake type cooking, but Terry’s recipe didn’t let me down and they worked perfectly.

The rest of my pictures are pretty appalling but I made the Bulgogi from Vegan Eats World – a stunning BBQ mix of seitan, mushrooms and tofu. The Dolsot Bibimbap, also from Vegan Eats World, but without the tofu, as there was tofu in the bulgogi. We also had this at the restaurant and loved it, but I think they must have flavoured the rice there and I’d do the same again next time. I really enjoyed the spinach, beansprout and spring onion toppings. I added the potato chorim from Asian Vegan Kitchen, which I made last time, and the courgette namul from the same book, just because I had a courgette that needed using.

Once again I really loved the Korean flavours from this meal. They’re totally different to other Asian cuisines with an underlying sweetness livened by an abundance of sesame and gochaguru (Korean chilli powder). All the dishes worked well together and Matthew opened a bottle of wine that went perfectly with them. Incidentally, we used to have to ask Tanners to send us their vegan lists, so we’re delighted they’ve started labeling the wines on their website.

I’ll definitely be cooking Korean food again – these recipes, and I’m looking for any other recommendations too!


2 thoughts on “Korean Dinner

  1. I love the ginger kimchi in VEW. I find the original recipe way too spicy with 1/2 cup of pepper flakes. The banh mi sandwich is also very good from VEW. I am more familiar with other Asian cuisines like Japanese, but less so Korean. Glad to see it going a bit more mainstream, though. šŸ™‚

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