Redwood Christmas Products

Those lovely Redwood people sent me a fantastic parcel of their Christmas goodies to try. Truth is, they sent them ages ago but I was busy with MoFo for a while, and then I was going to wait until I tried everything, but it’ll end up being after Christmas if I do that, so I’m going to do what I’ve tried so far.

Salmon Slices. I was very nervous about this because although I really like the Redwood tuna, some of the fishy things they’ve released in the past have not been to my taste. I needn’t have worried though because I loved these. There’s only a very faint fishy taste; the predominant flavour is smoky. I loved them on a sandwich with vegan cream cheese, dill and cucumber, and I also enjoyed leftovers on a bagel with vegan cream cheese. Yum.

Beef Pasties. I made a mistake with these because it took me a while to realise that they started off frozen, so I had them out of the freezer for a bit during which time the pastry got a bit soggy. So they didn’t look the nicest thing when they came out of the oven but they tasted very good with mashed potatoes and gravy and I bet they’d be great with chips. I would have preferred a slightly higher filling to pastry ratio but I enjoyed them.

Sausage rolls. These were quite nice but very small and again quite heavy on pastry (not necessarily a bad thing). I enjoyed them but there is another well known vegan sausage roll that I prefer.

Chicken tikka pieces. These are not the type of thing I would normally buy but they did come in very handy for a quick meal with pilau rice and spinach/green coffee curry mix. Tasty and with a good texture but I would usually prefer to make my own seitan and choose the spices. Useful for a busy festive period though, they’d also work well stuffed in a chapatti with raita.

Gammon Roast. This was lovely. It is a very long time since I had gammon but I remember it being very salty and so was this, which I love. It stayed very moist while cooking. I had it with creamed leeks and roast potatoes and am looking forward to leftovers in a sandwich, but it would be equally good diced into a pasta dish, sliced on to pizza or even served with a dreaded pineapple ring.

Sage, onion and cranberry bites. I was sort of putting off trying these because I don’t traditionally like fruit with savoury food, and they looked a bit dry in the packet but they were actually very nice. The cranberry is just a background flavour. I had them with the gammon and roast potatoes described above but I could see them working quite well served on sticks if you are a Christmas buffet type person.

All in all, I have enjoyed what I have tried from this range. I like how Redwood keep trying new things although it can be annoying when you get to love something and they stop making it. I just wish they could find a way to break the supermarket Quorn and Cauldron Foods monopoly.


2 thoughts on “Redwood Christmas Products

  1. I can second your opinion of the ‘gammon’ roast! We all enjoyed it very much, with pineapple (which you might not like, if you don’t like fruit with savoury stuff!), peas and Actifried chips. Mmmm….! It was soft and moist and nicer than I remember gammon being!

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