Ingredient 25 – Poultry Seasoning (?)


There are lots of Polish shops where I live and I love browsing in them even though they’re generally full of cured, strongly smelling meat. I regularly pick up fresh sauerkraut, dark rye bread, paprika, both hot and sweet, and other goodies. I picked up this sachet a while ago assuming it to be some kind of poultry seasoning, and there’s a translated label on the back which also describes it as poultry seasoning. I knew I’d seen this called for in US cookery books, but I don’t know if this is the exact same thing. It didn’t really matter because I’ve not been able to find the recipe anayway! 

Happily, Vegan Crunk came to the rescue. I’ve not had it long but I have cooked a couple of things that I didn’t blog about and they were both very successful. I decided to try the Southern Fried Tofu Chicken this time because it used the poultry seasoning both in the marinade and in the batter.

The tofu gets an overnight marinade and then gets floured, battered and fried. Unfortunately, my leftover marinade got thrown away by mistake because it smelt delicious and very chickeny and I intended to use it for a sauce. Next time. And there will be a next time, because this was delicious. We had it it with oven fries and a clean the fridge out salad, but next time I’m going to use it on sandwiches, because it was incredibly tasty.

Do you use poultry seasoning? Or any other goodies from the Polish shop?


5 thoughts on “Ingredient 25 – Poultry Seasoning (?)

  1. If you have Vegan Diner there’s a really delicious recipe for quinoa burgers that uses poultry seasoning. That is the only thing I use it in, but I might just have to get Vegan Crunk and make that tofu, even though I swore I would not buy any more cookbooks for awhile!

  2. My neighborhood has a large polish population, but I’m still new to it and haven’t stopped in the shops. I’ll have to pop in one soon and see what I can find. I do use poultry and salmon seasonings all the time – they’re great on roasted veggies, especially fries.

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