Ingredient 18 – Juniper Berries


I took a picture of the use by date but it came out too blurry. I can tell you though that it was a long long time ago – it’s another one where the label has changed since I bought it. (In fact, we’ve had 2 different Prime Ministers since then!).  Sometimes ingredients keep well as long as they haven’t been opened but this wasn’t really one of them. It hadn’t gone off or anything but juniper berries should smell like a strong gin and tonic and this smelt like the gin and tonic you make for yourself at the end of the bottle when you’re wringing it out to get the last drop.

Even searching through my countless cookbooks and the internet didn’t help me to find any enticing recipes for these, which I suppose is why they’ve been in the cupboard so long. In the end I decided to use them in some sauerkraut as I saw a lot of references to juniper infused cabbage/sauerkraut on the internet. I used the finished sauerkraut in one of my favourite sandwiches, the Knife and Fork Reuben from American Vegan Kitchen.

You can never go wrong with this sandwich but unsurprisingly the juniper didn’t really come through. It wasn’t unpleasant but the pot has gone in the bin and I doubt it will be replaced

Have I missed a trick with juniper berries? Do you love them?



3 thoughts on “Ingredient 18 – Juniper Berries

  1. well dammit. I saw the title of this post in my feed and I got SO EXCITED because I also have a bottle of juniper berries that I have no idea what to do with. ha ha. What the hell are these little guys for anyway???

  2. Well, I fear they are mostly used in meat dishes. My mum made this herb soup when I was a kid which had them in. You can use them in red cabbage and in Sauerkraut (like you did), in alcohol to preserve plums; in vinegar based preserves. I think if you try german or scandinavian recepies you might find quite some use for them, sans animals or their products. Oh I almost forgot, I like them in mashed potatoes… I am really enjoying your blog, especially this mofo, thnx!

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