Ingredient 10 – Dried limes

I bought these in a shop in London last year, knowing that I’d find a use for them and they’ve sat in my cupboard ever since. They’re strange things, light as a feather but rock hard, a bit like table tennis balls, but with a delightfully pungent lime aroma.

I found a recipe in Silk Road Cooking to use them. This could be a MoFo entry in itself because I’ve had the book for many years and not made anything from it. It looks nice and is a great read and I’m looking forward to using it more often. The recipe I chose was Elam Kidney Bean and Lime Braise, which uses dried beans, leeks and lots of fresh herbs along with the limes. I was making it midweek after work so I used tinned beans and tweaked the cooking times and added water to suit.

This really was delicious – the earthy beans work so well with the zingy limes and the herbs are braised until their flavours really come out. I served it with a geographically challenged couscous because we’ve eaten a lot of rice recently, but plain rice would work equally well.

(You don’t eat the limes but I included it in the photo so you can see what it looks like).

Have you used dried limes? What did you make?


2 thoughts on “Ingredient 10 – Dried limes

  1. yay! I love dried limes and I use them pretty often. In fact, I just used some the other night. I’ve made this recipe from Silk Road and I enjoyed it as well. I can’t believe you’ve never cooked from Silk Road before. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Here’s an old blog entry that has a couple more dried lime recipe links in it: They are so great with beans and lentils – the lime just brings a little zing and life into the beans.

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