Ingredient 9 – Chutney powder

This was another “Indian shop impulse buy”. I think I got it after we visited Tamil Nadu, where we ate uttapam with chutney powder and loved it. I can get good uttapam near to me so I’ve never gone to the trouble of making it, and so the chutney powder has remained unloved in my cupboard.

I suppose I could have used it anywhere, and I just found this page with some good ideas to try for the rest of it. For my MoFo project though I used it to make the lemon rice from Vegan Indian Cooking, where it is listed as an ingredient. I also made the coconut chutney from the same book to serve with it.

I loved the rice dish and the chutney, just like everything else I’ve made from this book. It was lovely and spicy with good textures from the chana dhal and nuts. I couldn’t necessarily have picked out the flavours of the chutney powder but it certainly added something to the dish that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I’m looking forward to using the rest.

Have you used chutney powder? What did you make?


1 thought on “Ingredient 9 – Chutney powder

  1. I was going to suggest the lemon rice if you didn’t make it! I bought chutney powder recently just for that recipe. Really good rice, but nowhere near as spicy as I’d expected from the description in the book.

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