Ingredient 2: Korean red pepper

This was a classic purchase of something that I’d been keeping my eyes out for for ages and then when I got it I didn’t know what I wanted it for. It smells delicious, nose tingling yet earthy. For my project I decided to make kimchi from Asian Vegan Kitchen. I love kimchi but recently whenever I’ve seen it for sale it’s included some kind of shrimp or anchovy.

I’ve never made anything that needs to ferment before but I bought a couple of jars, followed the instructions and it all went quite smoothly.

Today for MoFo I actually used the kimchi for the first time. I promise I won’t be using Herbivoracious everyday, but I saw this recipe and decided to try it. I made my own version of an egg to go on the top, by mixing up vegan mayo, sour cream, tahini, turmeric, yellow mustard, nutritional yeast and plenty of black salt. It’s not like egg, but the tahini gives it a richness that works especially well with the fried rice. I loved the fried rice dish but the kimchi isn’t fermented enough for me. It’s nice and spicy, but I like a really sharp ferment. I suppose that means leaving it out on the counter for longer when it’s first made?

Have you used Korean red pepper? What have you used it for?


3 thoughts on “Ingredient 2: Korean red pepper

  1. I use gochugaru all the time, I veganize my way through various Korean blogs but one of my favorites is Aeri’s Kitchen. Everything that I’ve made from there has been awesome! Happy cooking.

  2. All ferments will definitely get sharper with age. Is your house cold?

    Anyway, it looks delicious! I love kimchi too. And Korean food in general. I can’t believe I have yet to dive into that chapter of Asian Vegan Kitchen!

  3. I’ve heard of gochugaru, but I’ve never had it. When I made Korean food, I made pepper paste recipe that I found online – which was supposedly similar. I think I’ve only had Korean food once. I definitely need to expand my horizons!

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