Cookbook Winner and VeganMoFo

Hi all. I just realised that although I did pick out the winner of Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day and I sent the book off, I forgot to update you here. The book has gone to Nova in Ireland and I hope she’s loving it as much as I do.

Tomorrow marks the start of the annual VeganMoFo. I have taken part for the last four years. The first year I just posted something different everyday. Second year I reviewed a different cookbook everyday. Third year I focused on a different thing I like every day. Last year Tami and I shared out the load and made a different dish from the Horizons cookbooks everyday. We still update that blog every so often by the way, so if you have the books and want to see what we’ve made, have a look there.

This year I have a new theme and I’m really excited about it. I have a kitchen stuffed full of ingredients and some of them are well used and some of them are untouched. These untouched ingredients have arrived for a number of reasons. Firstly, I might buy something for a specific reason or dish but then never get round to making it – then I usually forget what it was. Secondly, I buy the ingredient because it looks interesting or intriguing and then forget all about it. Finally,  I ask for things in food parcel swaps from abroad and then don’t use them!

So my theme for MoFo this year is using up all these ingredients. A different one each day. It should have a joint purpose – clearing out some of my cupboards and hopefully finding new fun ingredients and ways to use them on the way. Some of them have been there years so if I don’t use them this month they’re going in the bin, because I never will! Some of the ingredients will be familiar to you, but new to me, and some of them are just plain weird. So I’ll be asking if you’ve used any of the ingredients and how on the way too. I hope we all have fun!


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