Food Network Monthly Cookalong – Pizza

I need to start this post with a confession. This meal had nothing to do with a grill at all, but I’m including it in Kelly’s Food Network Cookalong, because if I had an outdoor grill it easily could have been (always assuming it ever stopped raining, of course).

Ages ago I did some amazing testing for Tami’s forthcoming grill book, Grills Gone Vegan. The book has been held up at the publishers so I decided it was time to revisit some of the tests last weekend. Most of the dishes can be cooked either outside or indoors on a grill pan, an electric grill or even in the oven. I just used the oven this time.

Two of my favourite dishes from the book were the pizzas and they came out even better second time around.

The top one is currently called Jim’s Favourite Spinach pizza, after Tami’s husband Jim, but the name may change for the book. It has a spinach sauce, fresh tomatoes, artichokes and some optional vegan cheese (I used Teese on this occasion because I’d been wanting to try it for a while). The bottom one is Buffalo pizza, which uses a creamy ranch dressing and spicy tempeh. Neither pizza has a traditional tomato sauce and I love them both equally.

Whether you’ve got a grill or not, you ought be keeping a place on your bookshelf for this book when it comes out!


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