Asian style smoked tofu and marinated cabbage lavash

I returned to The Artful Vegan this weekend, one of my favourite cookbooks. I have made this dish before but didn’t blog it for some reason (maybe the photos were even worse than the one above).

This is one of simpler recipes in the book, but the tofu does require some special preparation. In fact, it’s cooked in 3 stages, but ends up with such a fabulous texture and flavour that it is totally worth it. First of all it’s baked in a marinade, then smoked (I use my Cameron’s stovetop smoker), then brushed with a glaze and grilled (broiled). The finished product is a smoky chewy bite chock full of umami which contrasts perfectly with the rest of the ingredients.

After the tofu is made (and you can do it all in advance), the rest is plain sailing. A fairly straightforward chinese leaf and carrot salad, a handful of sprouts and a creamy wasabi dressing. The dressing is a revelation by the way – a beautiful creamy texture without cream, nuts or any other obvious creamy element.

The result is a beautiful dish – tasty yet very light, with the tofu being the absolute star of the show.


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