Vine and Dine – Blue Plate Special Wheat Meat Loaf and Gravy

I pestered Tami for ages to let us do American Vegan Kitchen for Vine and Dine. Matthew has been saying for a long time that he wants to do a roast dinner with gravy to wine match, and as luck would have it, this meatloaf is one of the very few savoury dishes I haven’t made from that book, so everything fitted together nicely. I’ve made the Southwestern version, but for some strange reason, this one slipped past me both during testing and since I’ve owned the book.

Normally we use Vine and Dine as a way of getting to know a new or unfamiliar cookbook, but this certainly wasn’t the case here for me. I know Tami’s style and the sort of flavours she likes so I knew I’d like this.

The homestyle gravy was the winner of this meal for me. Deliciously savoury with a backdrop of red wine but not so strong as to turn it into a red wine sauce – I hate getting red wine or even worse tomato style sauces when I am promised gravy! The actual meatloaf itself could have been a bit firmer, but the sort of gluten we buy in the UK is notoriously finicky and so I’m passing that one off as an ingredient difference.

I served this with roast potatoes (proper British style basted ones), leeks and broccoli. I also turned the leftover meatloaf and gravy into a sandwich, which was almost better!

I’ve heard people criticise American Vegan Kitchen because the recipes use a lot of ingredients. I think they must be comparing them to all the quick and easy or low fat books which have come out, because I don’t find them too long, and it definitely doesn’t mean that the recipes are difficult. This was one of the easiest recipes for meatloaf I’ve tried, in fact. And, like all Tami’s recipes, being big on ingredients mean being extremely big on taste and flavour – making them perfect for wine matching. Here’s Matthew’s verdict:

Wine match for a Sunday Roast
Hmm, meat loaf, roasties and veg. Probably won’t call for a white! We’ve had a tradition of opening the big Aussie wines with this style of food, because it’s the closest vegans get to those really meaty plates that you mostly drink fine wine with. In this case it was a Brothers in Arms no.6 Shiraz Cabernet 2005, £14.40 from Tanners and certified cruelty free! Lots of good flavours in this one. All the sorts of summer fruits we eat in muesli, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, also vanilla, chocolate, oak, and a good herby background from the Cabernet. It’s grown in Langhorne Creek, in South Australia, which apparently has the oldest known Cabernet Sauvignon vines in the world growing there. So stonkingly big, and really quite delicious with seitan. This combination should be listed in wine-food matching pages…



4 thoughts on “Vine and Dine – Blue Plate Special Wheat Meat Loaf and Gravy

  1. The Homestyle Gravy is my go to gravy now, love the stuff, although I do leave the wine out as my boys don’t like the taste of it and I don’t always want to open a whole bottle just for the gravy! I don’t mind long ingredients lists, especially when they’re things I would generally have around the house any way. If it’s going to make it taste good it’s worth all the measuring! Haven’t tried the meatloaf yet but it’s now on my mental ‘to cook’ list!

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