Red onion and watercress risotto

I’ve mentioned Denis Cotter’s cookbooks before. I was a big fan of them before I went vegan, and there are quite a few vegan recipes in them, as well as some very easily veganisable ones.

Due to a shopping list duplication mix up, I had a big bag of watercress to use up and was wondering what to do with it. I remembered this risotto from dairy eating days, and it coincided nicely with Kip kindly sending me some of the new Cheezly parmesan to try. This is a basic and easy risotto recipe, but using red onions and loads of watercress makes it a bit unusual. It also has some oyster mushrooms flash fried with parsley on the top, which add texture and richness to the dish.

I love watercress, especially English watercress, but it seems to have been usurped in recipes by the trendier rocket, which I don’t quite understand. This risotto is a great way to use it. The Cheezly parmesan is much softer than the dairy equivalent, but has a great bite to it and I will buy it in future.


4 thoughts on “Red onion and watercress risotto

  1. nice! I really love watercress too – it’s so hard to find these days. So delicious and so nutritious. Mmmmm. Great idea to use it in a risotto dish. I usually use it in salad…

  2. I adore watercress. It is grown all over this island because of the many British people, I suppose, and the climate. That looks beautiful. Are those oyster mushrooms to top it?

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