Top Quick Tuesday – Orechiette with chickpeas, greens, basil and mint

I’ve been finding it easy to make excuses not to go to circuit training after work during these cold dark evenings, but I’m not using “not enough time to cook” as one. Top Quick Tuesday is back!

This was based on a recipe from Paul Gayler “Pure Vegetarian”. His recipe uses broccoli raab, which I’ve never seen, but I substituted some leftover greens instead. While the pasta cooked I fried some sliced red onions, crushed garlic and chilli flakes in oil. I threw in some cooked and drained greens, a drained tin of chickpeas and then the cooked pasta. Finally I added some chopped basil and mint, stirred it all together and served it up into warmed dishes. I grated some Vegusto Piquant cheese over the top but the meal could easily stand alone without it.

This meal was ready in the time it took to cook the pasta, and it tasted fantastic, so I definitely can’t use lack of time as an excuse to miss exercise again!


3 thoughts on “Top Quick Tuesday – Orechiette with chickpeas, greens, basil and mint

  1. I’m doing the same thing, I go to the gym after work, get home late and ravenous, and if I can’t have dinner ready in 20-30 minutes at most am gorging out on snacks. This looks delicious, and I’m eagerly anticipating more Top Quick Tuesday dishes!

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