Chilli Dogs

I’d been reading the fabulous Meet the Wikos blog post about hotdogs when I remembered I still had 2 of those very same sausages in the freezer somewhere. I was going to make corndogs but I decided that I’d actually prefer Chilli hotdogs instead. I used the chilli from the same book, Vegan Substitutions. It’s a rather strange chilli, reminiscent of spicy beanfeast (for any UK veggies of  a certain age; a student staple for me!). It’s quick and easy to make because it doesn’t have many ingredients. I wouldn’t want to eat it as a chilli with rice, but it works well in a dish like this (and I made a fantastic breakfast burrito with the leftovers the following day).

I slathered my chilli on a bun, put the fried sausage on top, added some grated vegan cheese and put the whole lot under the grill. Served with chips and ketchup; it was a fabulous meal. I will be making another batch of those sausages soon!


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