Scalloped potatoes and aubergine bacon

Since I’m MOFOing  jointly with Tami this year, there’s still chance to do some cooking that isn’t part of our project. As soon as I saw the Scalloped Potatoes and Eggplant Bacon recipe appear on the PPK blog I knew I’d be making it. I had made the bacon once before during testing and it didn’t really get crisp but that wasn’t a problem here because it’s covered in sauce anyway.

It’s not a dish to start putting together when you get in late from work but it was perfect for pottering around the kitchen on a wet, dark Sunday afternoon. Matthew only picked up 1 aubergine instead of 1lb, but fortunately it was quite a heavy one so I just scaled down everything else accordingly (except the sauce, because I wanted to use the extras for another project I’ll be writing up soon).

This was deliciously comforting and rich and I definitely recommend it for a cold Sunday. I took leftovers to work the next day and heated them in my office – the next person who came in sniffed the air and asked if I’d been eating bacon. Can praise get higher?


6 thoughts on “Scalloped potatoes and aubergine bacon

  1. Oooh am very intrigued by the eggplant bacon! Just need to get some liquid smoke now..

    The bake looks delicious, do you think it would freeze okay?

    • David, I’ve been using liquid smoke in small quantities for years. I don’t worry too much about those sorts of findings about food I’m eating only rarely. However, i also have a Cameron’s stovetop smoker which could do a job with the aubergines, or smoked paprika as mentioned above. Even a bit of chipotle would work although you’d get the added heat with it – not necessarily a bad thing!

  2. aubergine bacon, yum! I still havent tried to make it. thanks for the sharing, it will get me started on trying the vegan form of bacon.

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