VeganMoFo 2011

Hi all. I’ve loved doing VeganMoFo for the last three years (and managed to post every day of the month for the last 2 years). This year though I’m doing something a bit different. My good friend Tami and I are blogging jointly and cooking a different dish from one of the 2 Horizons cookbooks everyday during MoFo. It’s been no secret on this blog recently that we both love these books and it was something we’d talked about doing anyway, so we figured we would use MoFo to spur us on. We’ll have a couple of competitions as the Book Publishing Company have kindly given us a couple of books to give away – anywhere in the world. And while blogging will become a bit less frequent after MoFo, we’ll continue to update as and when we try new dishes. The blog will be here so keep an eye out for it in the middle of all those other posts!

This blog will go a bit quiet but I’ll still have a few post, including hopefully a couple of guest posts from decidedly non vegan friends who have promised to cook something vegan. Let’s see how that goes!


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