Sandwiches and starred items

I’ve been very busy recently doing some testing for an exciting new project with two of my favourite ladies – Tami Noyes and Celine Steen. They have announced they are jointly writing a book about vegan sandwiches, something that I think has definitely been a gap in a cookbook market which has exploded recently. We’ve been going sandwich mad here – hot, cold, spicy, fruity, wrapped, rolled, traditional, international – if you can call it a sandwich, we’ve been making, eating and loving it. You can see some of the treats in store at the Flickr group here but here’s just a couple of mine from the 35 I’ve tested so far:

The Russian

Navajo Tacos

I’ve been so wrapped up (tee hee) in sandwiches that my blog reader is feeling a bit unloved. I often put stars by recipes to come back to them, but I’ve been neglecting them recently.

I thought I’d share a random 5 of the items starred  in my reader with you just in case you’ve got more need of inspiration and time on your hands to cook than I have. I’ll definitely be coming to them soon though!

Quinoa Upma I love Upma, especially for breakfast, and I’m always looking for more tasty ways to use quinoa.

Silk Road Cooking Matthew bought me this book quite a long time ago but I’ve not used it yet so it’s interesting to see what others have made

Savoury Veggie Pancakes I’ve never had any success with tofu omelettes and this looks like something that would work for me

Aubergine, coconut and lime dhal I never met a dhal I didn’t like (except Happy Herbivore’s) and this looks just up my street

Black bean soup with lime masa harina dumplings because Mexican food + dumplings has got to be a win

Even though the last thing I need is more to add to my “must try” list, I’d love it if you’d leave me a link to something you’ve got starred in the comments. Preferably not sandwiches.


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