4th of July

I know, I’m English and I live in England so I shouldn’t really be celebrating 4th of July. But fresh home from a trip to Philadelphia , my head was full of founding fathers, independence and self evident truths, so I decided to join in with the celebrations across the pond.

I didn’t bother with fireworks or guests or anything like that; what this actually means is that I cooked a few dishes from American Vegan Kitchen which I hadn’t made since testing.

On Sunday 3rd July I made the Chicago Deep Dish pizza. When I first made this I was really surprised because I knew that pizzas had thin crusts or thick crusts (the thinner the better for me), or were turned into calzones, but I’d never come across this pie style of making pizza before. I used Daiya for the base and chipotle Field Roast sausages that I brought back with me to stick with the American theme. This was really tasty and just as good as I remembered from testing.

On July 4th unfortunately we have to go to work so I wanted something fairly quick. I picked the Brewpub Tater-Tot Pie, mostly because since I made it during testing I’ve found a much better UK version of Tots. Thanks to Vanessa for finding the Morrison’s own brand potato crunchies, which aren’t quite Tots but are as close as I’ve found here – and believe me, I’ve tried. The base is a really hearty and satisfying blend of vegetables, TVP, herbs, spice and beer, so if you throw a layer of tots over that and bake it how can you lose?

I’m all for grabbing other countries traditions if there’s food involved so this will probably become an annual event!


3 thoughts on “4th of July

  1. This was a cute post– though Pizza is not anything close to what we eat on the 4th. Barbecue, hot dogs, all grilled foods, pasta/mac salads, baked beans, potato salad, chilled salads…
    I just wish I could find those field roast sausages in my area.

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