Grills Gone Vegan – Testing Update

I’ve been busy recently testing recipe’s for Tami’s next cookbook, tentatively titled “Grills Gone Vegan”. It’s important to tell you that I don’t own a barbeque or outdoor grill yet I’ve still been able to test over 80 recipes so far for this book. It’s full of really flexible recipes that either work outside, indoors on a grill pan, some can be adapted to go in the oven – I’ve made most of them on a contraption like the one above with great success. When I first bought the grill I kept it in the garage. It soon moved in to a kitchen cupboard as I was using it a lot, and for the last month I’ve been using it so much it’s been kept out on the counter. I thought I’d just use it for sandwiches but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Tami has great recipes for breakfasts, desserts, side dishes, burgers, pasta and noodles, and, of course, sandwiches, that can all be cooked on the electric grill. And of course, if you’re looking for food to cook outdoors, most of them will taste even better that way.

Here’s just a few things I’ve enjoyed recently:

Tofu Garcinia Cambogia Puttanesca

Grown up grilled cheese (this whole thing was made on the electric press, including the bread)


Asian Street Soup

Reuben Inspired Breakfast Sandwich



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