More new Redwood products!

I was again lucky enough to receive some samples of new Redwood products. This time, I got their duck pices and the tuna style pate, and unlike the last parcel they sent me, which took me ages to get round to trying, it’s all gone within 5 days. I remember their last tuna attempt in a little pot from quite a few years ago, and although it was OK, this latest formula is far better. I tried it 3 ways – firstly in a classic sandwich with vegan mayo, then mashed with sweetcorn, spring onion and mayo in a hot panini and lastly in a wrap with salad. I’ve heard some people say it’s too fishy for them, but I really like that extra fishiness and ate the whole packet myself in 2 days. I’m wondering how it would work in say a pasta dish, but it didn’t last long enough for me to find out.

(You know what a toasted sandwich looks like, right?)

I’d had a packet of chinese pancakes in the freezer for absolutely years so I pulled some of them out to eat with the duck. I just steamed the pancakes then stuffed them full of the heated duck and served them with cucumber, spring onion, extra hoisin sauce, and an asian salad which was a tester dish. I have never eaten duck, just various different mock ducks. The texture of this one was much better, more like a shredded style, and was exceptionally tasty. So while I can’t tell you whether it’s like duck, I can tell you it’s very nice indeed and it felt great to finally dip those pancakes in the hoisin sauce.

A bit of a glare from the plate, but you get the idea.

Both of these new products are extremely welcome additions to the world of vegan food. I would happily buy them both again and can’t wait to see what on earth Redwood will come up with next!


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