Mac and shews

I’ve written endlessly about my husband’s love of macaroni cheese so you know about how I always like to try new versions to keep him on his non vegan toes. I love all things sauerkraut so I had no doubts about the version Isa posted at the PPK Blog.

Matthew was out of the kitchen for most of the time I was making this so for fun (admittedly it was more my fun than his) I made him guess the ingredients. I do this quite a lot since watching Masterchef Australia where ingredient guessing was my favourite round. His palate is very good, much better than mine, so I was intrigued to see if he could get the mystery ingredient. He got all the other ingredients very quickly but not the elusive sauerkraut, so if any kraut haters out there are wondering whether to make this, Matthew’s palate gives you the go ahead.

Whether he knew what it was or not, we both agreed that the sauerkraut did give the mac and cheese an extra tang. I’d made pasta with sauerkraut in it before but it was definitely better blended in with the sauce. We both liked it a lot.

The nugget things are part of operation freezer clean-out. They are vegetarian chicken nuggets which I bought in a Chinese supermarket many months ago, probably years, and have been looking at apprehensively ever since. I decided to go for it, cooked them then tossed them in a sauce basedon DEOTS Wingz but with the ratios of hot sauce and ketchup pretty much reversed. They were very chewy, greasy and oddly delicious.


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