Mediterranean/Middle Eastern night

My gluten free Mother in Law was visiting for a while and said she was craving mediterranean or middle eastern food. I decided to do a spread of food so that we could all help ourselves and I also decided to keep the whole thing gluten free as I know all too well what it’s like when you can only eat half of the food and need to keep asking what’s in each dish.

Appetite for Reduction was the star player. From this I made the baked falafels, the coriander cherry tomato mushrooms and the coriander hummus. Alongside I made this amazing baba ghanoush and some patatas bravas, and served a salad and heated up some store bought gluten free pita.

This was a great success. I don’t understand why the mushrooms aren’t getting more love on the blogs and forums (don’t forget to add the lime; it gets missed out). They’re a great flexible dish that work well in a spread like this or could be tossed through pasta, served over mashed potatoes or in tacos. And blackening the aubergines on the gas burner both feels totally bad ass and gives a brilliant smoky result. The falafels aren’t really falafels but if you think of them as baked chickpea cakes you won’t be disappointed.

A fabulous spread and I’ve leftovers to keep me going for a few days!


3 thoughts on “Mediterranean/Middle Eastern night

  1. That looks great, I love being able to whip up a gluten free feast for friends who aren’t expecting to be able to eat much. You made three recipes from AFR that I haven’t tried yet, I’m definitely going to be making that mushroom dish soon.

  2. I ordered Appetite for Reduction and should be getting it soon. I love visiting your blog to see what recipes you’ve made out of the various cookbooks, as I tend to make the same one or two over and over. Your blog helps me branch out. I’ll be making some of these when I get my cookbook. The food in your picture looks amazing. I agree with you, mushrooms need more love on blogs. I use them often! 🙂

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