Greek Yellow Split Pea Puree

This was such a yummy meal. I wanted to further explore my relatively new “World Vegetarian” and I had a few Khobez wraps and some soya yoghurt to use up. The chapter on beans and pulses in World Vegetarian is the most interesting, I think, and I could have picked out many dishes to try. In the end I went for this Greek split pea puree, using the option to add capers at the end. I adore capers! With it I sort of combined 2 other dishes from the same book to use up some other things from the fridge – mushrooms with white wine and coriander seeds, plus sauteed spinach with dill and onion. I took the parts I liked from both recipes and combined them together because I didn’t have enough spinach or mushroom to make either dish on their own. Finally, I made some tzatziki from American Vegan Kitchen to pull it all together.

This was a fabulous meal. I’ve only ever used split peas in Indian dishes before so it was really nice to eat someting that looks like dhal but tastes so different. Delicious.


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