Recreating America – Pizza from Karyn’s

The third in an occasional series of recreating dishes we ate in America. Either the memories of what we ate are drifting further or this was just harder to recreate, because it was the least successful so far. It was based on this fantastic pizza from Karyn’s on Green – the base was a white bean and sage puree and the toppings were brocolli raab, sausage and cheese. It was so delicious; rich and creamy that I knew I’d be recreating it at some point.

For the base I just heated some white beans and pureed them with fresh sage, garlic and olive oil. It ended up a touch dry after I’d cooked the pizza, so I think the original may have had more oil in. For the toppings I used a fancy broccoli, some spicy pinto sausage and Daiya.  Definitely the biggest difference between my pizza and the original was the cheese component. I’d have used more Daiya if I had a ready supply of it, but the original was far creamier and richer, so I would add some thick cashew cream next time.

It was a tasty pizza in its own right but this time the restaurant won. Can’t win them all, right?


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