Thai tempeh triangles

I love Voluptuous Vegan so much that I made an exception to my usual rule and bought the author’s other two books even though they’re not even vegetarian, let alone vegan. I’ve looked through them a lot but not yet made anything until this dish. I fancied something tasty yet light so I decided to make these Thai tempeh triangles from Healthy Hedonist along with the Thai Double Dynamite pair of sauces – one spinach and basil and the other yellow pepper coconut milk. You can’t really see it but there’s some jasmine rice underneath and some red curry stir fried veggies on the top too.

I really recommend these dishes. The tempeh I think would win over those tempeh haters because there’s no bitter element to it at all. I expected to like the basil sauce better but the yellow pepper coconut milk was actually my favourite. It looks and tasted like a really classy dish but really didn’t take too long.

I served some rice paper rolls alongside the meal too but there’s no photo of them. It was a wonderful feast.

That’s an excellent introduction to this book – does anyone have any other recommendations?


4 thoughts on “Thai tempeh triangles

  1. oh, I love this recipe! Funny, I think it was one of the first things I made from H.H. too. I’ve made a LOT from H.H., if you check the tags on my blogs, maybe you’ll get some inspiration. I love her books so much. I’m thinking of making some things from HH Holidays for xmas… but that’s one I still haven’t used. It’s only a matter of time. !

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