VeganMoFo – Greek town gyros

Two things I love for the price of one today. I don’t like to pick favourites but if you held me at gunpoint and made me choose the dish I like the best from American Vegan Kitchen I think I’d go for the Greek Town Gyros.  And since I’ve made well over 100 of them, that’s high praise indeed. The seitan is something a bit different from other seitans. It’s a really long time since I had lamb but this seitan has a slightly fattier quality to it like lamb. It’s then marinated and fried quickly and served with salad and tzatziki sauce. If you keep the seitan in the freezer it’s so quick and easy and probably quicker than going to the kebab shop (even if you happened to have a kebab shop near your house that sold amazing vegan kebabs).

The other thing I’m including in this post is the Khobez wraps that I served with the seitan.

Undoubtedly it’d be nicer to make your own but I don’t always have time – especially when the idea is a quick late night kebab. I pick these up in Sainsbury’s and they’re the best ones I’ve tried by far. I heat them very quickly by holding them over the gas flame with some tongs and they get nice and smoky and flexible. These are the wholewheat versions but secretly I prefer the white ones.

And now I’ve declared my love for the white flour, let me show you my real plate of food from last night. No, of course I didn’t eat it all. I left some of the lettuce.


4 thoughts on “VeganMoFo – Greek town gyros

  1. They had vegan kebabs in Paris, like actual spinny ones on a spinstick.

    And clearly I’m a loser for still not owning American Vegan Kitchen, because it looks like I might love it a lot!

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