VeganMoFo – Marigold stock powder

Everybody should have this product in their store cupboard. You can pick it up in supermarkets or health shops but just be careful because there a few different varieties and they aren’t all vegan. I’m using the low salt one at the moment because I do tend to overdo salt, but all I’m doing is adding extra at the table, so I might revert back. I far prefer it to cubes because you’ve got more control on how much to use. I know that in the amazing forthcoming book “Appetite for Reduction” there are a few recipes that need stock powder and this is what I used – I can’t even remember what they are but there’s a great salad dressing and a cheese sauce. I also sometimes put some of this into a spice grinder with toasted sesame seeds, and/or walnuts and nutritional yeast for a slightly different vegan parmesan type sprinkle.

Tami introduced me to Better Than Bouillon Not Chicken and Not Beef, which I love and use a lot in certain meat replacement applications.  I do of course make my own sometimes and usually freeze some of it too, but Marigold is my everyday stock of choice.


3 thoughts on “VeganMoFo – Marigold stock powder

  1. I love this stuff too, though I held a grudge against it once because I accidentally bought and used a non vegan one (since that was somehow the company’s fault? Oh, logic, how you evade me at times).

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