VeganMoFo – roasted red peppers

Roasted red peppers are so versatile. I do of course roast my own red peppers then take the skin off for certain recipes, but I always make sure I’ve got a jar in. They give a great hit of flavour and colour; you can blend them into creamy or tomatoey sauces, throw them into stews and casseroles, use as sandwich fillings or make them into salsas. I chop them finely into bulgar wheat for a very quick side dish, add them into pizza sauces and even throw them into tofu scrambles. This is really just here for a tip for UK readers. If you have a Home Bargains you can pick up jars of peppers for only about 89p, maybe one third of the price of major supermarkets. Well worth having a few jars in the cupboard.

(Home Bargains also have huge jars of sliced jalapenos for 89p; miles better value than those titchy supermarket jars).


2 thoughts on “VeganMoFo – roasted red peppers

  1. I’m thinking Lidl may also be an appropriate place to buy the jarred variety?

    This reminds me, however, that I must get a kitchen torch thingie.

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