VeganMoFo – Microplane

There once was a time when I wrestled with ginger. I would curse at the fibrous texture as I tried to finely chop it or grate it and pick the fibres out from the grater and the pieces were never fine enough. Then the ginger would wither and turn mouldy in the bottom of the fridge before I had chance to use it. Then into my life waltzed the microplane grater. Into the freezer went the ginger root. Now, when I need ginger I take a piece from the freezer, no need to peel, and give it brush against the microplane. Back into the freezer with the ginger until next time. It sounds dramatic but this transformed my life.

You can of course also use it for zesting citrus fruits and grating nutmeg. And I really must try the tip from “What the hell does a vegan eat anyway?” website where they often use their microplane with Sheese because they claim it makes it melt!


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